Driving a classic car is an unparalleled experience.

Few things rival the experience of driving a well-maintened, vintage car.It’s truly visceral experience that simulates all the senses.The design of a classic car- it’s curves, stance and arresting presence keeps your eyes, and the eyes of passerby, utterly, transfix xed. The sonorous roar off a well tuned engine raises the hair on the back of your neck, sending chills down your spine, truly make driving a classic car an unparalleled experience.

Rental Vintage car offers a unique fleet of some of the rarest and most legendary cars throughout history.Whether it be a ride, a prom, a parade, a wedding, a music video, a photoshoot, rental vintage can be propose you different Classic Car from the 60’s.Check our car below or for special occasion like weddings, graduations, movies, photographic shoot please contact us directly here

half day – day – 2 days – more – overnight – from $ 235 / day / car.